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My Bio

I love my family. Read my posts and favourite sites for more.

The rantings of utopian indigent are now also available under the same name on twitter, facebook and on bbc606.

My Occupation

Chartered Accountant/ educator
I've retired early from my job to take up teaching, trying to help poor Christian public schools who can't afford maths teachers and who are being blotted out by government policy in my country.

My Hobbies

It used to be my hobby to talk to idiots on yuku messageboards. However, I don't have enough time for that anymore. If I stopped talking to you around the latter part of 2009 then maybe that means something. I have wasted more than a decade humouring all types on ezboard and now it's over.
The membership of the SAB is populated mainly by people who understand so little of science that they choose a conclusion and then select information that supports that only if seen in isolation from all the other information. And then they vigorously believe that is science!

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